Spela Golf Sant Vicenc de Montalt till halv greenfee


C/ Vinyes d'en Mandri, 82
08394 c/ Balis, 9

Bokning: +34937915111




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Golf Sant Vicenç de Montalt is located in a privileged aerea at El Maresme, just a 30 minutes from Barcelona, sharing area with Arenys de Mar, Calella , and a 35 minutes from Girona. The residential areas are full-equiped with excellent Hotels, Restaurants , leisure places and sandy beaches. Is a seaside and also forest course, counts in addition five lakes and large greens with several slopes that makes Golf Sant Vicenç more attractive, at the same time it is a technical route in lovely surroundings in which every stroke is diferent. What makes this area so enjoyable is its great weather. Our Catalan Club House provide all services, Restaurant, Bar, Chill out area, outdoor terrace, pro-shop, and meeting rooms. Our values, quality, availability, friendly and service.

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Av Thierry den 06 oktober 2020
Av Gabriele den 16 mars 2019
The golf course, in my opinion, is suitable for Handicap 18 and down because its not quite easy to play. Players who are fit enough to walk should use a Cart, hilly fairways. The greens are in good conditions but the fairways need some more care. The sanitary and shower rooms in clubhouse are very clean. The halfway toilet is not recommendable.
Av Florentino den 16 mars 2019
Everything in clubhouse was clean, specially the sanitary and shower room. The Greens are very tricky, difficult and in very good conditions. The Cart paths are sometimes dangerous because of deep holes. The golf courses are surrounded with old trees which I find it very nice. Very nice and helpful personnel.
Av Wolfgang den 22 maj 2018
Friendly secretary, good condition of the Court
Av Camilla den 31 mars 2018
Elendig bane design og dårlig stand :-( fik buggy med i prisen - ellers var vi aldrig kommet rundt
Av Björn (hcp: 12.0) den 24 februari 2018
Buggy ett måste. Övningsfält runt förbättras. Ranch för långt ifrån. Smal och trixig bana
Av Lars den 16 oktober 2016
Bra med golfbil i priset!
Av Maria den 16 juli 2016
Banen er kort, men kuperet. Det anvefales ikke at leje sæt, da disse er meget gamle og slidt og venstrehåndssættet var med nød og næppe mixet til et helt sæt.
Av Kjell den 30 juni 2016
Otrolig bra att golfbil ingick i priset för det var väldigt kuperat.