Spela Azores - Terceira Golf till halv greenfee


Fajas da Agualva, Agualva, Apdo 15
9760-909 Praia da Vitoria,Terceira (Azores)

Bokning: +351295902444


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Different from the major existing resorts, Terceira Island Golf Club offers a unique touch with nature, without any buildings along the course, and vast vegetation. At the entrance of the club, a large and beautiful tree welcomes you, and when viewed from the Club House, with the sea in the background, has an unforgettable charm. The golf course has an overall size of approximately 6,000 meters along 18 holes. This course, with a Par 72, is wrapped in the color green that is typical of the interior of our island, where one can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment to the sound of nature.

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