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304 Route du Thovey
74210 GIEZ

Bokning: +33450444841
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Klubb- och banbeskrivning

18 holes course "Le Belvédère", 5 820 m (6365 yds) with a view of the roof of Europe, Mont Blanc, and Lake Annecy. In addition to the outstanding features of the site, Giez Golf Course is distinguished by its narrow fairway, large greens and wide open spaces dotted here and there with ornamental lakes casting. Here on "Le Belvédère" there are no dizzy heights : the total height differnece is 200 metres. Le Belvédère has a reputation as a technical course, gently hugging the natural shape of the terrain and gradually giving up its golfing secrets. But you must not let yourself be distracted by the amazing spectacle of nature that unfolds before you ; your golf will need to be accurate and founded squarely on good technique.

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