Spill Montenmedio G & CC for halv greenfee


Ctra N-340 Km 42,5
11150, Vejer de la Frontera, CADIZ

Bokning: +34956455004




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The Montenmedio golf (6260 meters, 18 holes, par 72) is unique and different from all spanish golf courses. Not a single building affects its fairways and its greens are surrounded by forests, olive trees, oaks and pines. It offers breathtaking views over the Atlantic ocean and villages such as Vejer, Benalup and Medina, and on the African coast Spartel and Tangier. To play its 18 holes its always fun and surprising: deer, rabbits, ducks and other animals accompany the player throughout the route. The Clubhouse, with its neoclassical andalusian style and asian influence offers excellent golf services.


Av Anne-Sofie den 03 november 2018
Vacker och trevlig bana värd att spela men onödigt dyr då Golfhäftet pris baserades på ordinariepris 90 euro. Restaurangen stängd mellan 17-19.00 vilket var synd när vi kom in hungriga efter rundan 17.15.
Av Lars den 15 april 2018
Mycket trevligt ställe att besöka.
Av Barbro den 15 april 2018
Jättefin anläggning och mycket trevlig personal!
Av Lars den 15 april 2018
Bättre skyltning till nästa hål.
Av Alain den 15 april 2018
A very, very nice course and a great reception.
Av Gunilla den 28 januari 2018
Eftersom det är så tidigt på säsongen så blir betyget på banan kanske inte riktigt rättvisande.
Av René den 09 november 2017
Greenfee is too expensive. Compared to others club conditions and Situation of course, not Best value at all.
Av Marco den 02 november 2017
Beautiful golfcourse in a great natural surrounding. No noices, no houses.
Av Klaus-Peter (hcp: 17.0) den 24 oktober 2017
Great Course Everything is running well
Av Mats (hcp: 15.0) den 14 maj 2017
Bunkrar var dåligt underhållna
Av Jürgen den 27 april 2017
Bunkers in bad condition, no coffee (Machine broken)
Av Irmgard den 24 oktober 2016
WE have a very nice day. Montenmedio is a very nice Golf cource
Av Thomas den 24 oktober 2016
If you in the near of Montenmedio you have to play this course.
Av Frank den 08 oktober 2016
Unfortunately on the back nine concentrated playing was difficult because of the loudness of a big party at the tent beside the clubhouse.
Av Walter den 03 april 2016
The café was closet 1/2 past 6. We could not drink or eat anything.
Av Hans den 25 mars 2016
Teststeder ikke klippet. Faiways på de første huller ikke gode. Udtørrede. Trænger til i det hele taget til bedre vedligeholdelse. Bunkers ikke velplejede. Rødder hænger ud over bunkerkanten. En dyr bane i forhold til tilstanden. Ellers smukt beliggende og varierende huller.
Av Hans (hcp: 21.0) den 25 mars 2016
Banen ligger flot i naturen, men den virker slidt og dårligt vedligeholdt. Uklippede teestedet, ujævne fairways, men fine greens. Alle flag var røde, uanset placering på green. Utilfredsstillende, når der i baneguiden er angivet placering med røde, gule og hvide flag. Alt virker nedslidt og der ser ikke ud til at være midler til en tiltrængt opdatering.
Av Inger den 25 mars 2016
Not in good kondition
Av Norman den 23 mars 2016
We played 9 courses in 9 days. Montenmedio was the best!!
Av Regina den 03 mars 2016
I was surprised, as I received the answer(Mail) to my request for a tee-time: 1. the confirmed time did not match the requested time-period; 2. the greenfee was higher than the fee, I have to pay with our golfhaftet-card. When I came personaly to the proshop, the lady offered us a better tee-Time and the greenfee was equal to the golfhaftet-conditions(50%). On the course was high traffic and in front of us we had two groups, who played very slowly. We had to wait nearly on each hole. The consequence was, that we(4 players in the flight) stayed nearly 6 Hours on the course. No help from the marshall.
Av Margareta den 14 november 2015
En mycket spännande och rolig bana. Bra fairway och mycket fina greener.
Av Jutta den 22 oktober 2015
The Club bar was closed when we finished our round. We had to drive to the hotel. The mashines preparing the golfcourse and the green either followed us or were just on the green while we playd the round. This was not good.
Av Helmut den 22 oktober 2015
During more than 9 holes we were accomponied on the fairways and on the greens as well by "working"-machines. Loud and disturbing!!! Impossible to find the for golf normally necessary concentration!!! Frustrating !!!! The "workers" did not care at all about us as players !!! An absolut "no-go" !!!!!!!!! I never want to play under such conditions. And all that on an really higher priced golf course !!! There was no previous information about working on the course during our planned play. In that case we really would have denied to play! As already mentioned, an absolut "no-go"!!!!!!!! Fortunately I never had such an "experience" before! The golf cours itself is interesting and well kept. But here they don`t care about players and their playing situations. Otherwise such (mentioned) situations could not be possible!
Av Ingvar den 16 oktober 2015
Något ensidiga golfhål. Enda egentliga svårigheterna var träden. Greener och fairway får högsta betyg.
Av Rolf den 16 oktober 2015
Greenerna mycket bra. Fairway sämre. Något enahanda design.
Av Waltraud den 17 april 2015
A very nice environment. I have already recommended this golf course to others.
Av den 04 april 2015
It's really a good course, we enjoyed the game.
Av Erwin den 16 mars 2015
The Shower was under construction. It was cold and the painters were working in the room. And I had to wait very very long befor hot water came :-(
Av Rolf (hcp: 17.0) den 13 februari 2015
Very good place for Autocaravanas. Hope it Will works the same in the future.