GUIDE: Golf in Algarve - half greenfee and other travel tips 2019

Guide: half greenfee and travel tips in Costa Blanca 2019

DOWNLOAD: Golf in Algarve - half greenfees and other travel tips 2019


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This guide gives you travel tips and golf course suggestions in Algarve, Portugal. It includes information about car rentals, restaurants and popular tourist attractions. A major part of the guide covers presentations of Golfhäftet’s own golf courses in the region, including rankings, maps and pictures.

Read about:
- presentation of all courses in the region (rankings, map, info, pictures)
- map over the region
- restaurant recommendations
- accommodations
- travel tips
- information about the regionen

(Changes can be made after this guide was created - check the course on the Golfhäftet web or App before booking)

Download the guide - click here

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