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Lugar de las gandaras, Seira

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In short, Val de Rois can be described as a state-of-the-art golf course with a route that it is often defined as a friendly, without slopes and comfortable to walk course. The greatest difficulty is its length, which is 5,576 meters for men and 5,304 meters for ladies. The maintenance status is very uniform, so that all players, regardless of the day they play, find the course in perfect condition. The state of the playing field is our greatest concern, which is why all our efforts are focused on their care. It is a route that greatly conditions the strategy depending on the punch and the technical quality. Our greens have a good speed, with not obvious falls and in some cases, difficult to appreciate. We can boast of having a large and in perfect condition tees. Val de Rois golf club is more golf, is located close to the ocean and with an extraordinary city that bewitches its visitors; Considered to be a club with a family atmosphere, with a wooden clubhouse reminiscent of English, the course is absolutely flat and with an exceptional state of maintenance throughout the year, we are 25 kilometers from Santiago airport, 20 minutes away from the cathedral of its cathedral and the highway has an exit 1 kilometer from the club, we have the beaches 15 minutes away, our staff is friendly and our restaurant makes delicious homemade food. This Golf court focuses to ensure for the visitor, a unique CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE In Val de Rois, it is possible (according to availability) to have more rounds using your Glofhaftet discount., that is, if the visitors are staying in the Val de Rois area and city, they can play with a 50% discount in several consecutive days. The most recommended nearby accommodations is an old house Casa Antigua do Monte rural house and the Hotel Monumento Pazo de Lestrove, they are two charming establishments with an affordable price. Two kilometers from the field is the town of Padrón, which has a lot of atmosphere and is a step from the Camino de Santiago.

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