Play Club de Golf Palacio de Rubianes for half greenfee


Palacio Rubianes
33584 Pilona (Asturias)

Booking: +34985707612


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Golfhäftet is valid everyday

Club- and course information

The Rubianes Palace Golf Club was established on October 10, 2008. Since then in their facilities you can play golf or take part of the championships organized. The club is located in Cereceda, about 5 km from Sevares, in the province of Asturias. There is also a practice course in the town of Sevares where classes are held. Our facilities are formed by:     - 9-hole Golf Course-Par 35 (with greenfee 2 laps to the course will be played: 18 holes)     - Practice course with 8 posts (in Sevares 5 km from the Campo)     - Hotel and Restaurant.  The golfcourse will remain closed from November 15 to March 31, all seasons.

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