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A unique experience: GOLF BIERZO golf course has 9 holes with double output on all tees, driving range and putting green. With a distance of 5,892 meters. from the yellow and red exits 5,035 meters. Located on the edge of the Barcena swamp, it offers spectacular views making the course an interesting and a different golf course! The bierzo golf course is open to all golf players, both amateur and professional. We have a professional golfer who teaches classes in our facilities. The cafeteria and restaurant serves really good Spanish dishes with a unique touch! The par 72 course has 9 holes with two tees, and a driving range with four-tee modules. Beside the Bárcena reservoir on the Sil River, this club is fully integrated into its natural surroundings. The court was opened in 1993 and Designed by: Manuel Piñero, Target Ingenieros The setting of a Countryside gives a sense of a flavor of a Spanish province but yet located in a unique area. Contoso’s economy was traditionally based on agriculture, wine and coal mining. Nowadays, most of the inhabitants work on the surrounding area on activities such as wind turbine manufacturing or coal mining. The territory of El Bierzo includes most of the upper basin of the Sil river. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides, which makes this area remarkably isolated from all neighboring lands The Congosto area, also has a large reservoir in its vicinity, the Barcena reservoir, to which many tourists visit during the summer.

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