Play Golf Pontarlier les Etraches for half greenfee


La Grange des Pauvres, Les Etraches
25300 Pontarlier

Booking: +33381391444
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Club- and course information

The Pontarlier golf course is an 18-hole golf course offering an exceptional and a peaceful setting among the landscapes of Haut-Doubs. The relief of the terrain divides the course into 3 distinct parts, which requires different ways of playing. The first part is a magnificent Jura valley bordered by pines and spruces where the first 6 holes are drawn. The second part is drawn on a first board and requires a precise game. From hole 10, the 3rd part gives a feeling of space, with very different holes from each other between a long and narrow par 5, and very playful little par 3s. To finish the course, hole n ° 18, a small par 4 on an incline, requires a good placement of the ball from the driver to reach the green in 2. The Pontarlier golf course is a mid-mountain golf course that will not leave you indifferent. You have the possibility to improve your skills by taking a lesson with the Club Pro in French, English or Dutch.

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