Common questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Golfhäftet. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

Ordering - Credit card

Can I buy Golfhäftet to someone else?

Yes, you can. Golfhäftet is not personalized at delivery, it is when you have activated the card it becomes personal. You can give it to any person who then activates his/her card here on the website.

Can I buy more than one Golfhäftet to myself?

Yes and no. It is a good idea to order several Golfhäftet cards that you can give away. You can only activate one card per year and person. It is not possible to activate several cards on the same person during the same year.

Where do I buy the Golfhäftet?

Golfhäftet is easy to order directly here on the website. You can also buy Golfhäftet at many of our participating golf clubs around the country. You find them under Retailers in the menu to the left

Is it safe to order over the Internet?

Yes it is. Golfhäftet has a partnership with one of the Nordic countries leading payment service providers; Payex. All verification of personal information is encrypted over secure connections.

Golfhäftet card

The carrier of your Golfhäftet membership is your card. You activate the Golfhäftet card on our website before you use it the first time. You then the bring your card to the golf clubs and present it when paying green fee to receive your discount.

What happens if I lost my card?

Send an email to us and we'll send a new card to you. An administrative fee of 10€ will apply.

General questions

What is Golfhäftet?

Golfhäftet is a collaboration between Golfhäftet i Sverige AB and connected golf clubs for the purpose of promoting and increasing green fee play. As a Golfhäftet card holder, you play associated golf courses with a 50% discount of the regular green fee. After two rounds of golf you have saved the cost for the Golfhäftet card and then, the more you play the more you save.

How does it work?

You present your Golfhäftet card when paying green fees on the golf course in which you want to play and then pay only half green fee.

Can I save money with Golfhäftet?

Absolutely, already at your second round of golf with Golfhäftet you have saved the cost of the card. And to be honest, who does not play at least two rounds of golf per year?

Which golf clubs participate in Golfhäftet?

Golfhäftet includes golf courses in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and the UK. Under “Golfcourses” in the meny above you will find all the connected courses.

Is there a limited number of golf courses to play?

With Golfhäftet you can play all the connected courses once per year to half green fee. There are no restrictions that you can play, as an example example, just 20 of the connected golf clubs.

Can you play several times on the same course?

No, Golfhäftet is valid once per course and year on all connected golf courses.

When can I use Golfhäftet?

Golfhäftet can be used throughout the season, given the golf club is open to play. Most courses allow playing every day, but on certain courses Golfhäftet applies only weekdays. Restrictions, if any, are found in the information about each golf club here on the website

How does Golfhäftet work abroad?

When using your Golfhäftet in southern Europe, keep in mind that bookings should be made in direct contact with each golf club. If you are using a booking site, you should be aware that the presented green fee is not always the regular green fee. This means thar there may be a small difference between what you pay at the club and what is indicated as greenfee on a booking site. The difference is usually small. You present your Golfhäftet card in connection with the payment made at the golf club.

What is Golfhäftet called outside of Sweden?

Golfhäftet is a Swedish brand and it is pronounced [ɢoǀfhɶftet]. We are proud of our origin and the card is named Golfhäftet no matter where you buy it or use it. At some places in Europe the Swedish “ä” might be a bit difficult to pronounce and it happens that it is replaced with an “a”.