Dear golf club

Finally, it's time for us to launch a new, simpler and smoother club admin. With a better overview, more functions and smoother handling of sales (incl. web sales) and promotions, we hope that you will appreciate the new club admin.

For a shorter transition period, we will offer the opportunity to use the old admin as well but soon we will phase it out so it is important that you make yourself at home as soon as possible.

During the transition period you can always use your login link to get back to this page and select again. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us by email / or by phone Nils 46 (08) 120 050 18 / Arturo 46 (08) 120 050 16

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Are you experiencing problems with the new club admin?

Please start by checking that you are using a modern browser updated with the latest version. We support all later versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well as Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge. If you are unsure of which browser or version you are using, you can see this here.

Do you still experience problems, you are warmly welcome to contact me via the contact information above. Feel free to attach the information from this page .